Marketing Strategy

Become enlightened with a fresh approach to your digital marketing

You know an effective digital marketing strategy is essential if you want your business to get found online.  But if you’re confused by your options, or wasting money on advertising without seeing sales, then STOP RIGHT NOW.

We will identify how to market your business using a unifed approach across a range of appropriate digital marketing channels.

Instead of using different niche companies for different marketing tasks, we create a harmonised strategy – with the same message, the same visuals, the same offers across multiple channels.

Result? NO mixed messages which confuse your audience and dilute your brand awareness.

Website Review /On-Page SEO

Feedback on your web design, user experience, content, loading speed, on-page SEO, Google Analytics data and more.

Google Adwords

If you have an account we will examine it in detail, and check your campaign set up, keywords, ads, ad extensions, bidding strategy and more.

Facebook Advertising

If you've tried paid advertising on Facebook, we'll see whether you chose the right objective for the campaign, whether your offer was well phrased and whether it worked for you.

Social Media Management

Are you on the right platforms to find your target market, what kind of content are you sharing and are people engaging with your posts?

Blog and Content Writing

Review of your website blogs in terms of keyword use for SEO, writing style, quality, grammar and frequency.

Email Marketing

Let us check your recent email campaigns; were the offers good, did you follow up those who opened them, and those who didn't?

Stop being confused by digital marketing – we can help!

Our digital marketing review will provide you with a clear strategy document to follow, that completely matches your objectives.

THE OUTCOME?  You’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions about how to spend your marketing budget, and how to spend it wisely. Our reports are easy to understand and if you need help with implementation, we’re ready and waiting to help!  Ready for digital marketing success?

Review what you have done to date - what has worked and what hasn't.

Report on why you've met some of your digital marketing objectives but failed on others

Recommend what you need to do to take your business to the next level

Reflect on our recommendations and ask for clarification

Re-hire us to implement what you don't have the time or skills to do yourself.

Relax and wait to see the fruits of your new digital marketing strategy!

  • Marketing Strategy - Basic
  • £ 300 /one-off
  • Ideal for small businesses who have not yet started with Facebook advertising or Google Adwords.  Price includes:

    • Full audit of current marketing activities
    • Competitor Review
    • Detailed Report
    • Recommendations for Improvement
  • Marketing Strategy - Advanced
  • £ 500 /one-off
  • Ideal for more established businesses who have existing Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns that need to be reviewed

    • Full audit of current marketing activities
    • Competitor Review
    • Detailed Report
    • Recommendations for Improvement