About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that small businesses should focus on the logistics of running their business.  They need to provide excellent products and exceptional customer service, both of which form sturdy foundations on which to grow a loyal customer base.

It’s unlikely that small business owners have the time, experience or skills to create effective and proactive digital marketing campaigns that show a great ROI.

But we have those skills.

We want to work alongside you – as you hone your business to perfection, we’ll get you the online exposure you desire in line with your budget restrictions.

You run the business.  We bring in more customers.  Together we can ensure your business reaches its full potential.

How We Work

We're a friendly team who go the extra mile with each and every client.

Awesome Projects

Because we value your success, we pride ourselves on delivering what we set out to do.

Working Hours

We work on GMT time with a fair bit of flexibility! We're not afraid of late evenings or occasional weekend work.

About The Founder

It’s fair to say I am an atypical digital marketing specialist, having started off my career many moons ago with a PhD in pharmacy, followed by a stint in the pharmaceutical industry, then as a Quality Assurance Manager with the National Blood Service in the UK and as an International Quality Auditor for the European Agency For Reconstruction.

But this simply didn’t satisfy my creative streak.

Consequently I moved to Portugal (I am also a sun-lover) and started on a completely different track – working for a large resort based company, initially in an organisational role, and then gently swerving into the marketing field.  Since 2010 I have been a marketer – initially using traditional marketing skills (press releases, brochure and leaflet design) but soon got caught up in the madness/joy of digital marketing.

I’ve been lucky enough to work as a digital marketing freelancer for a number of different digital marketing companies, helping them to help their clients.  Now I consider myself a skilled specialist in all of the digital marketing services we offer, and hope you’ll be interested in working with us soon.

Michelle Collins


"Michelle is first class, really exceptional and having tried a few other social media "experts", it was refreshing to speak to someone who not only knows her stuff, but delivers as well."

Corin Small Business Owner, Guildford

"Michelle went above and beyond and did an amazing job of reviewing an Adwords and FB Ads account. The audits were well structured, lots of insights, and comprehensive. Amazing work!!!!"

Saleem Business Owner, London

"Amazingly prompt and so very helpful! Very understanding of my needs and would not hesitate to use for all further work in this area! Also very friendly and warm!"

Diane Z Company Owner, Jersey UK

"Great writing skills, fast delivery and good communication. Will definitely hire for long term. Thank you."

Wissam Y Digital Marketing Freelancer, Bangkok, Thailand

"I can endorse Michelle for SEO article and blog writing. Her writing is so great and she's such a nice person to work with!"

Rafael R Company Owner, California, USA

“Michelle and I worked together to market a variety of businesses I owned and operated including English language courses in the UK, teacher training and a franchise. Michelle is an excellent communicator and is both professional and easy to work with. During our time together she managed a small marketing team composed of various nationalities and skill sets to produce a wide variety of materials, both digital and print.”

Jim Taylor Company Owner, Brazil