Facebook Marketing

Reaching targeted audiences the world over

Paid Facebook marketing can get your business seen directly by your target market. We love the amazing power of Facebook advertising – we can help you love it too!

Paid Facebook marketing campaigns were created to get your business in front of exactly the right people.

We understand the very many campaign types that Facebook offers and can advise on the best for your objective, create eye-catching adverts and monitor effectiveness throughout.

Facebook Pixel

We'll use the Facebook pixel to target adverts to selected audiences, and to remarket to super niche audiences based on the actions they take on your website.

Campaign Objective

We will identify the best advertising objective for your needs, whether it's increase reach, boost website traffic or generate qualified leads.

Creating Eye Catching Visuals

We will source super images, or use your own to create eye-catching visuals and enticing text for your ads - everything geared to improve click thru rates.

Set Up & Monitor Campaigns

We will set up your campaigns from A to Z and monitor daily. We can carry out split testing and will monitor performance daily - to ensure you maximise your ROI.

Reach your target audience – whatever their interests!

If you choose our paid Facebook Marketing Campaigns Package, we will work with you to create the best campaigns to meet your objectives and delight your target audience.

THE OUTCOME?  Leads, website clicks and increased brand awareness – all for the price of your daily cup of coffee!

Creation of custom audiences

Creation of lookalike audiences

Identify best advertising objective

Create eye-catching visuals

Create persuasive text

Set up campaigns

Monitor performance

Report on results

  • Facebook Adverts (non-eCommerce)
  • £ 75 /per campaign
    • Creation of custom/saved audiences
    • Creation of visuals and text
    • Set up of campaign
    • Report on campaign effectiveness
    • Recommendations for further ads improvement

    Note: Prices exclude expenditure with Facebook

  • Facebook Remarketing (for eCommerce websites)
  • £ From 150 /per campaign
    • Uploading product catalogue to Facebook
    • Facebook Pixel standard events set up
    • Campaign Set Up
    • Regular Monitoring
    • Monthly Report

    Note: Prices exclude expenditure with Facebook