digital marketing company

Are you bamboozled by your digital marketing options?

digital marketing company

Unsure whether to hire a social media manager, an SEO expert or Adwords Guru?

digital marketing company

Are you spending money on digital marketing but not making sales?

We can help – because we know the secret to your digital marketing success

First Step

Stop trying out digital marketing activities based on gut instinct alone

Hire specialists who will promote your company to the right audience at the right time and within budget, whilst you focus on running your business.

Second Step

Stop outsourcing work to niche digital marketing companies who fail to see the big picture

Work with a company experienced in multi-channel marketing for a synergistic effect regarding your online exposure.

Third Step

Stop wasting money on marketing an offer that no-one wants to buy

You need to create a unique offer that appeals to your target market and makes you stand out from your competitors to nail your sales.

We’ll Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our experience in ALL THINGS digital marketing means that we see the big picture.  You may be generating leads using paid Facebook advertising campaigns, but if you’re not nurturing those leads via active email follow up, you’re definitely missing a trick.

We guide small businesses in their digital marketing approach, to ensure that everything they do ties into a common goal – that of making sales.

Digital Marketing Review

Give us free rein to examine what you've done, what's worked and what hasn't. Trust us to get to the nub of the matter.

Digital Marketing Team

We'll create a customised report which clearly shows why you've not been meeting your digital marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing Reflect

We will recommend a sensible yet effective plan of action, which meets your specific budget, to drive your business forward fast.

Digital Marketing Help

We'll let you wave bye-bye for a while whilst you digest what we've said - no obligations. But we'll be here to clarify anything you need.

If you already have a clear plan of action

we can help get your website found online via any or all of the following methods:

  • website audit
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • social media management
  • Google Adwords
  • Paid Facebook advertising
  • Blog and article writing

plus enewsletter campaigns to nurture your contacts and persuade them to become purchasers.


We are proud of our wide range of skills in digital marketing, and how we can use them to help any small business, whatever the industry niche.

Hard Workers

When a job needs to be done, it needs to be done! We put in the extra hours to meet deadlines as and when they loom.

Data Analysts

Our actions are guided by hard data - not by gut feelings. We know how to review data carefully to decide on the best way forward.

Great Results

Our refreshingly integrated approach to digital marketing results in success - for you, for your business and for our reputation!


See what some of our clients say about our service and skills.

"I've worked with Michelle on several intensive marketing projects, all of which she strategised and implemented for me. She's delivered above and beyond every time and is prompt, personable, professional and extremely efficient. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her... "

Dan Kennedy Phototographer, London

"Michelle is first class, really exceptional and having tried a few other social media "experts", it was refreshing to speak to someone who not only knows her stuff, but delivers as well."

Corin Small Business Owner, Guildford

"Michelle went above and beyond and did an amazing job of reviewing an Adwords and FB Ads account. The audits were well structured, lots of insights, and comprehensive. Amazing work!!!!"

Saleem Business Owner, London

"Amazingly prompt and so very helpful! Very understanding of my needs and would not hesitate to use for all further work in this area! Also very friendly and warm!"

Diane Z Company Owner, Jersey UK

"Great writing skills, fast delivery and good communication. Will definitely hire for long term. Thank you."

Wissam Y Digital Marketing Freelancer, Bangkok, Thailand

"I can endorse Michelle for SEO article and Blog writing. Her writing is great and she's such a nice person to work with!"

Rafael R Company Owner, California, USA

“I was the Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Oceanico Group up to 2015, Michelle was core and central to the Sales and Marketing drive when she worked with us and always delivered. I would highly recommend her for a range of digital marketing activitites including marketing strategy, Google Adwords, SEO Analyis, Facebook marketing and social media management.”

Gerry Fagan CEO, Portugal

“Michelle and I worked together to market a variety of businesses I owned and operated including English language courses in the UK, teacher training and a franchise. Michelle is an excellent communicator and is both professional and easy to work with. During our time together she managed a small marketing team composed of various nationalities and skill sets to produce a wide variety of materials, both digital and print.”

Jim Taylor Company Owner, Brazil

“For the past 4 years that we have been working together, Michelle has been a lead content developer for a variety of our clients in manufacturing, financial, non-profit and other industries. Michelle is a great person to work with and knowledgeable professional. Highly recommended.”

Dmitri Logounov Director, Canada

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