Email Marketing

Never forget to nurture your customers

Regular but engaging email campaigns connect with potential customers and reconnect with those you haven’t heard from for a while.

When you’ve a healthy list of people who are interested in your business but have failed to make a purchase, it’s time to take action. You need to re-engage with them using email marketing to regain interest in your company and what you sell.

We create powerful campaigns that lead to conversions, and follow up those who are interested via list segmentation.

Plan Of Action

We will develop a plan of weekly or monthly eNewsletters to promote your recent news or great new offers.

Increase Engagement

With crafty subject lines, attractive visuals and an unmissable call to action, we maximise engagement every time.

Monitoring Campaigns

We'll send out the emails, monitor open rates, click throughs and unsubscribes - and report back to you on success.

Automated Follow Up

We will create simple, personalised emails for the leads who were interested enough to click through, and a different follow-up for those that didn't.

Effective email marketing nurtures customers and leads to sales

We know many companies forget to engage regularly with the contacts on their database – and so those people drift away to other businesses.

Let us re-ignite your contact with your most loyal contacts – those who have already purchased from you, or those who have actively signed up to hear your news.

eMail campaign management

email design

email list management

Statistics report per campaign

Follow up emails for list segments

Recommendations for improvement

  • Simple Email Campaign
  • £ 75 /one-off
    • email design (content and visuals)
    • Statistical results report
  • Email Campaign With Follow Up
  • £ 100 /one-off
    • email design (content and visuals)
    • Follow up emails for list segments
    • Statistical results report
  • Regular Email Campaigns
  • £ 350 /Monthly
    • Monthly plan of email campaign offers
    • One email campaign per week
    • email design (content and visuals)
    • Follow up emails for list segments
    • Statistical results report per campaign